Bedthoven's Tips


To enter the Bedthoven's building, you need the code for the handle of the main entrance and the code for the handle of the reserved studio. The codes are sent on the day of arrival via SMS or booking chat. or airbnb chat.

Commute by car

Bedthoven is located on a one-way street. You can only enter Beethoven Street from the street of Brzozowa, which is located inside the B estate.

Commute by train

Get off in Tychy at the main train station. The fastest way to Bedthoven is by trolleybus or bus. It's two stops away. The main bus station is at the entrance to the train station.

Car park

There are 2 parking spaces next to the facility. Soon the private parking lot will be expanded by another 4 or 5 parking spaces. There are public parking spaces around the building As well as parking lots at LIDL and eLeclerc supermarkets. about this is some title


You can arrive to Bedthoven with your pet. Dogs must be walked on a leash and breeds classified as aggressive are not allowed in the facility. Before booking, please consult us on the conditions of your stay.about this is some title

Public transportation

Use the SkyCash app to buy tickets for buses and city trolleybuses. You can also get to Katowice by Tychy bus. Trolleybuses operate only in Tychy. about this is some title

Commute to Katowice

During rush hours, train travel to Katowice is the fastest that is around 20 minutes from the main station. Going by car you need to be prepared for parking problems. By bus, on the other hand, the trip can take 40 minutes. Uber to Katowice involves a charge of about 50-65 zlotys.

Parking in Katowice

Going to Katowice by car, you have to take into account that there may be problems finding a parking spot in the city center. The best place to park your car is in Katowicka Gallery or in the underground parking lot of the Altus office building. Both are paid parking lots.about this is some title


The schedule of buses, trolleybuses and trains is available in the Google Maps app on your phone. Information about possible routes along with the possible delays is also available.

Install SkyCash

In the SkyCash application you can: • pay for a parking space in Tychy and Katowice, • buy tickets for bus and trolleybus, • buy train tickets.


In Poland, trolleybuses are also available for rides only in Lublin and Gdynia. Being in Tychy, you have the opportunity to ride this unique electric vehicles. Tychy was eco-friendly back when it wasn't yet trendy.

CCTV cameras

The common space and laundry room are monitored for the safety of the guests staying in Bedthoven. By booking a stay at the facility, you consent the right to record your image.about this is some title

Crypto and currencies

If you want to exchange cryptocurrencies for cash then an ATM can be found at the Gemini shopping mall. You can also use the Talar exchange office to exchange traditional foreign currency such as euros or dollar and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum.about this is some title

Bike lanes

In Tychy, there are bicycle alleys on every major street. Bicycle routes can be found also in the surrounding forests. I recommend the one to Pszczyna. about this is some title


The nearest cab rank is 0.7 km from Bedthoven at Baczynski Square. However, Lider Taxi is the cheapest cab network in Tychy, with prices comparable to Uber and Bolt.

Uber & Bolt

The most convenient way to travel around Tychy and to Katowice is the Bolt or Uber app. Sometimes in the morning on weekdays it is difficult to find available drivers. Especially going to Katowice or the airport, it is worth comparing the price of Bolt, Uber and Lider Taxi.


When traveling especially abroad, I recommend using Revolut. There is no need to exchange currency into zloty, the exchange of currencies occurs automatically when you make purchases, and when exchanging almost average bank rate is used.about this is some title


At the property, in the communal laundry room, you will find a washing machine, a clothes dryer and an iron with a board.


Before each arrival of our guests, sheets and towels are changed and the entire studio is cleaned. For stays longer than 7 days, additional cleaning is possible. Call to order your entitled additional cleaning service.


Each studio has a dedicated wi-fi router. On arrival, you will receive a message with the password to log in to the router, located in your studio.about this is some title


At Żabka you can do your groceries, eat a hot dog and drink pretty good coffee. You can buy alcohol and cigarettes. You can recharge your prepaid phone here, or buy a scratch card for the lottery. When shopping at Żabka you can additionally withdraw cash. I recommend really tasty dinner dishes by Szammam that you can prepare in the microwave.


You can find much more products here than in Lidl. I recommend the cakes from the bakery. You can buy ready-made meals, which you just need to heat up in the microwave. On the premises of the supermarket you will repair shoes and get your keys made. There is also a cafe that serves breakfast and lunch on weekdays. I also recommend cheap and tasty sandwiches. You will also find a pet stor here.about this is some title


The nearest ATM is located at the eLeclerc supermarket. A single withdrawal at this ATM is limited to the amount of PLN 1,000.


If you need to see the doctor, I recommend the LUX-MED clinic on Damrota Street. Open from 7:00 to 20:00 excluding holidays and weekends.about this is some title

"Fauna" Vet's Office

The closest and, in my opinion, the best veterinary facility is located 3 minutes away from Bedthoven. "Fauna" is a team of understanding and animal-loving specialists.

Vet's Office 24/7

24-hour veterinary duty is provided by EURO-WET Veterinary Clinic. If you have any problems with your pet, call +48 602-115-766. Be sure to call before you arrive.

Air Conditioning

The rooms are air-conditioned. If you wish to change the temperature in your room, inform your host. The settings of the centrally controlled air conditioning can be changed remotely.

Shopping and fuel 24/7

Buy drinks, snacks, candy, cigarettes and fuel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the station Shell gas station, located next to Bedthoven. Here you can also buy a hot dog and drink coffee.


In Tychy, between 24:00 and 6:00 it is not possible to purchase alcohol in grocery stores and at gas stations. During these hours, the purchase of alcohol is possible only in pubs and eating establishments.


In Poland, tipping is not a mandatory part of a visit to a restaurant or hotel. No one expects gratuities in dining establishments as in the United States. However, great experiences are worth appreciating.

Netflix & TV

On the TV in the studio there is purchased access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max and SkyShowtime. In addition, there is an option to watch TV channels. You can continue watching your favorite series.

No Smoking

Smoking and e-cigarettes are not allowed in the facility. Outside the building there are two areas designated for smoking. Failure to comply with the ban inside the building may result in the activation of an alarm.

Zoological shop Rysiek

You can buy food for your dog at LiDL, but I recommend shopping at the pet store Rysiek in Leclerc.

Quiet hours

Between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am there quiet hours at Bedthoven's facility. No noisy parties are allowed at all hours.

Emergency numbers

Fire departament - tel. 112
Ambulance - tel. 112
Police- tel. 112

Shoemaker, leatherworker, keysmith

Need to fix that shoe or broken purse strap? Take a walk to the Leclerc supermarket. Here you will also make keys.

Car mechanic

I always entrust my car to the mechanics at the Techcar workshop. Here you can also wash your car and do an inspection.